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    [New Century Property Management Co., Ltd.] was founded in June 2001. Affiliated to New Century Tourism Group, it has a registered capital of 5 million Yuan. With state property management enterprise grade 1 qualification, it is China Property Management Association Member Unit and Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Property Management Association Vice President Unit.
    The company sets up General Manager Office, Comprehensive Management Department, Quality Management Department, Facility Management Department, Marketing Development Department and 7 subsidiaries. Now, the company has nearly 500 employees, who all receive pre-job training of processional knowledge and star level hotel service consciousness. 100% of the employees have certificates and 92% of the managers have college degrees or above.
    At present, the types of properties taken over by the company include villa, multi-story apartments, small high-rise apartments, office buildings, hotel style high-rise apartments, commercial shopping mall, etc. Its operation is radiated to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Taizhou, Kaifeng and some other places. The properties which the company provides consultation services and takes over cover an overage floorage of nearly 3 million square meters.
    The company constantly introduces advanced property management and service experiences and pursues the perfect combination of international standard service philosophy and high quality living requirements.The managers have been sent to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen for enhancement study many times. Experienced property management consultants have been hired to guide the early-stage intervention of property management and the management services.
    The company sticks to the management guideline of “elaborately and wholeheartedly focusing on customers and seeking for sustainability and harmony”. The company has set up the service mission of “specializing in characteristic products and pursuing the pleasant surprises of customers” relying on New Century Tourism Group’s 20 years of star hotel service philosophy. The company has served many boutique residential areas and built the brand of “New Century Property Management”.
    For years, New Century Master Residential Area managed by the company has won the titles of “Three Star Garden-Style Residential Area”, “Youth Civilization Sample” and “Property Management Demonstration Residential Area”; New Century Xindu Residential Area in Shanghai has been successively selected as “Shanghai Garden-Style Residential Area”, “Shanghai ‘Four-High’ Excellent Residential Area”, “Intelligent Residential Area in Songjiang District Shanghai”, “2005 Garden-Style Residential Area in Songjiang District”, etc.
    Sticking to the corporate spirit of “being united and dedicated, respectful and faithful, practical and efficient, innovative and developing” and the professional practices of “Compete for First Place, Be Hardworking and Strict and Care, the company constantly explores, develops and innovates. To build the locally largest property management company is the common goal of all members of New Century Property.