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Residence + Commerce + Hotel + Tourism Integrated Development, Dual Drive of Real Estate and Hotel industry
Integrated real estate projects are newly emerged development mode in China in recent years. Among the ingegrated real estate modes, the mode of New Century has the outstanding features: relying on the coordinated development of real estate industry and hotel industry, giving full play to the advantages of hotel industry, sticking to the integrated development philosophy of “residence + commerce + hotel + tourism”, engaging in the integrated tourism real estate development and realizing the dual drive of two industries together closely.

Broad-range of Fields: A Wide Coverage and a Strong Driving Effect
Nowadays both real estate and the tourism sectors are experiencing skyrocketing development. As determined during the State Council's economic conferences, the real estate, automobile, tourism and telecommunications industries will be the four main drivers for future economic growth. Two of these growth sectors - tourism and real estate - are being developed by New Century. New Century's real estate products integrating tourism infrastructure and hotels, represent a wider coverage and a stronger driving effect compared with other composite real estate developers.
High-end Quality: A Dedicated City Operator and an Engine for Regional Development
New Century five-star hotels become city icons. Since its establishment, New Century Real Estate has stood apart from other real estate developers through its close cooperation with government planning departments and initiating development projects that are designed to benefit each city as a whole and become an engine of overall regional economic growth. Prominent examples of New Century projects that are driving regional economic development include New Century Grand Hotel, the highest building in Hangzhou; Qiandao Lake New Century Holiday Resort, the top holiday villa resort in Eastern China; and Shanghai New Century Mediterranean, revitalising the heart of Songjiang District in Shanghai.
Integrated Values: The Complementary Functions of the Real Estate Industry and Tourism Industry Enriches Outcomes
With more homogeneous products being developed, competition among future real estate products is destined be focused on service quality. Better service gives developers an advantageous position in the market. New Century Real Estate believes in a real estate development concept of “Star-rated Real Estate and Star-rated Services”. The company's hotels provide supportive property management services for the residents of its housing developments, and the hotels also offer club services to those residents. Similarly, a good hotel with well-developed internal support facilities can generate a conglomerated effect. Compared with other developments, the composite real estate products offered by New Century Real Estate are more closely integrated and service-driven resulting in greater functional value.