2022-10-06 Thursday 06:01
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Welcome to the Official Website of New Century Real Estate Group !

New Century Real Estate Group is always devoting itself to urban operation and the growth of local wealth.

To realize the objective, New Century Real Estate Group should be an enterprise with foresight, an enterprise which constantly studies and innovates to exceed itself, an enterprise which unremittingly pursues perfection and creates excellence and an enterprise which creates maximum values for the country, society, owners, suppliers, partners and employees. To make it, we are diligently striving after improvement.

We advocate happiness. Owners, employees and all friends who are willing to share the happiness of life with us may gather together under the shade of New Century and taste the happiness of life endowed by the nature leisurely.

We agglomerate faith. We always believe that extremely strong explosive force will be formed if we agglomerate the power and wisdom of hundreds of talents in our company. New Century is constantly improving and insisting on its own corporate culture and makes it a faith.

We pursue perfection. We never claim that we are the best, because the best is always the past. We pursue the perfection as far as we can and we constantly improve ourselves and never be afraid to transcend ourselves.

We emphasize service. We focus on service, because we are dedicated to the hotel industry. We unremittingly explore the way to integrate management with service and provide the services with New Century characteristics.

We are devoting ourselves to building a best team, because human is the foundation of everything: I hope that the website of New Century Real Estate Group will convey our endeavor.

Standing on the horizon of the new century and looking into the ups and downs of world economy, we believe that: China, which is undergoing continuous economic development, will play a more important role on the world stage, while New Century Real Estate Group, which advances with the times, shall also embrace its boundless future.